Redevelop your traits habits & behaviours.

A new way to truly work on yourself.

Built by psychologists, made for everyday people.


Work on the personality flaws you’ve always struggled with.

Eliminate limiting psychological habits and beliefs that refrain you from having higher self-esteem, overcoming procrastination or being a happier person.

On the things that really matter.

Your personal behaviours

Working on behaviours that could be a stumbling block to a happier you, not only in your personal but professional life.

Your relationships

Ingrain behaviours and personality traits that enable you to become an adept social being. Be it confidence, social interactions or getting groovy with a partner.

Your work habits

Develop neurological traits closely associated with career success. Progress in speaking, productivity and maintaining a healthy state of mind in the workplace.

And how it works, is simple as pie.

Our comprehensive psychological training programs are developed from the ground up, and packed into simple bite-sized sessions entirely within an app.

All you have to do is show up, and we’ll guide you through the rest.

how it work

I tried Intellect during a period when I was doubting myself at home & work.

I began working on the identified behaviours , and shocked as I was, it genuinely started to change how I behaved and performed.


best psychologists
best psychologists

Built with the world’s best psychologists.

We’ve gathered some of the world’s leading psychologists, behavioural change experts and personality researchers to build what we envision to be the world’s pioneering breakthrough in human development.

best psychologists

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